Face Paint, Body Paint & Glitter


Creative, spectacular facepaint and bodypaint.


Beautiful glitter and gemstone makeup for festivals, events, shoots and parties.




For Maya, the body itself is a canvas, waiting to be transformed, honed and reworked into a piece of living art.


Face and body painting is used for theatrical effect, for performances, at parties, during VIP events, and when creating characters for shows, photoshoots, TV or film. Maya will work with you to develop your concept and deliver a spectacular, jaw-dropping result.


Originally training under award-winning body painter Emma Cammack in 2006, Maya is an accomplished face and body paint artist in her own right. She has painted detailed anatomical art onto the bodies of dancers, athletes and performers for an art exhibition, and transformed nightclub dancers into weird beings from the deepest of fantasies. Using the finest products to complete each assignment, Maya works freehand with only her brushes and sponges as her tools.


She also works in glitter and gemstones, and can adorn your face in brilliant gems or a vivid splash of coloured sparkles for that Burning Man festival look. Whatever is in your mind’s eye, Maya can realise it in paint and brushstrokes, with a splash of pure creativity.




In April 2017 Maya bodypainted a football fan in his favourite team’s colours, for a UEFA Champions League viral video, sponsored by Mastercard.

Across various social networks, the video attracted 7 million views in just 10 days.







Maya Lewis Makeup

Maya Lewis Makeup