A spooky house at Halloween

Ethical Halloween Makeup Products

I love that I can now have a completely guilt free makeup kit for horror, gore and more with these Halloween makeup products!

Halloween is my favourite time of year as a creative makeup artist. It gives me so much scope for coming up with shocking new looks using prosthetics, unusual colour pallets and other special effects.

Ripper FX are an Australian brand, are vegan and cruelty free! These palettes are alcohol activated and you can paint, blend and use sponges to create extremely realistic effects.

The first pic is their tooth enamel paint. I use this to create that decaying, nicotine stain visual effect.

In the second picture, at the top is my blood palette. I use an array of different blood hues including dried blood and other colours for capillaries and vessels. I also use other shades to show congealed blood, simulating cuts, bruises and other types of gore.

The larger palette below includes colours that I use to simulate a corpse’s body. A corpse turns many different shades during the decaying process, so I try to use these unnatural flesh colours to create that zombified look.

And in the third image, we have the wonderful Mouth FX team’s mouth goo. The team have come up with some wonderful (and disgusting at the same time) flavoured mouth goo products, which are all vegan and cruelty free. They do exactly what they say on the tin. These products are used on TV and films to create the effects of bile or blood leaking from the mouth.

All of these Halloween makeup products are vegan and cruelty-free, and were bought from Tilt Makeup store in Camden. Keep up to date with my latest Halloween makeup looks on my Instagram and Facebook galleries.