Skull-tress Halloween makeup with custom headdress.


Skull-tress Halloween makeup with custom headdress.

Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

This October, I’m holding a special Halloween skull makeup tutorial. As this Halloween will be one like no other, with very few parties or events happening, we’ll probably be entertaining ourselves at home. So why not learn something new? I’ll be doing online tutorials via Zoom on Halloween makeup and

Halloween Skull Makeup: Vegan Skulltress

This Halloween skull makeup took a couple of hours of patient work, using only vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. Due to Covid restrictions on social gatherings, very few Halloween events are going ahead this year. So instead I am doing makeup demonstrations on myself, and working with with costume designers to

A makeup artist in full PPE for covid protection.

Makeup During Covid

The Coronavirus lockdown has really changed a lot of things, and that includes how I will be conducting my business as a makeup artist for the foreseeable. Our industry is one of the worst hit during this pandemic. Of course, we want to go back to work. But working up

A spooky house at Halloween

Ethical Halloween Makeup Products

I love that I can now have a completely guilt free makeup kit for horror, gore and more with these Halloween makeup products! Halloween is my favourite time of year as a creative makeup artist. It gives me so much scope for coming up with shocking new looks using prosthetics,

Ballet dancer model with bodypainted leg muscles

Anatomical Bodypaint

This is one of my favourite portfolio pieces. This anatomical bodypaint project is a collaboration with photographer Sameer Ghai. I wanted to show the human body at work. To peel back the skin and reveal the muscles underneath, stretched taut over bone. I wanted viewers to feel the strain that I